Well, trying out new things is usually the road to progression and evolution. This time, Armin Van Buuren just joined forces with Avira and together, they brought out a deep melodical shocker.

When you think about a new Armin release, you probably think you’re about to listen to some trance, either melodical or psy, with a high bpm value, but this time he’ll hit you different. Illusion is completely unexpected from what you’d expect from the Armada king.

Alongside Avira, a pure mastermind in the melodical techno world, they’ve created something that will fill any speakers they are played in. With a constant melody present throughout the entire track, the heavy well produced basslines will make your feet lift off the ground.

With a sound that could easily be played in any Anjuna-type party or radioshow, this one will give you some Ben Bohmer/Tinlicker vibes and the deeper groove will still make you love it like any other track from Armin and even Avira.

Illusion is now out everywhere, so make sure you listen to it and let us know what you think about it!

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