Kutski is back to releases, this time on the Basscon imprint, and brings a high energy banger named Let Me Tell You! With what’s arguably one of his best tracks to date, Kutski further proves that he’s not only a DJ with extraordinary skills, but also a producer that can make well thought out, catchy tunes.

The track kicks off with very soothing female vocals, and quickly ramps up to a punchy mid intro that should work really well in any dancefloor. As the track progresses, the kick gets a bit higher pitched, giving the track more energy before the break. The vocals from the intro are then heard again, before a rave-like piano is introduced, a nice touch that’s somewhat expected given this artist’s track record. This leads way to the insanely addicting melody! The build up is nice, and not too long, unleashing an energy filled climax with slightly pitched up kicks and some kick rolls that play with the kick’s pitching. For the final part, Kutski ramped up the BPM’s for a strong Hardcore finish with a nice layer of bass underneath. The track winds things back down for the outro.

According to the artist, “Having such a diverse style as a DJ makes it hard to capture my sound in production sometimes, however, I feel ‘Let Me Tell You’ represents all my loves within the harder styles in a 5-minute chaotic journey through hard beats!“, and we can definitely agree this is one very diverse track!

This is one of those tracks you’ll certainly want to have in your playlist this week to get you going! What do you think of it? Let us know on our socials!

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