The Australian DJ and producer Timmy Trumpet is back with another big hit and shows that his music can reach other planets.

Timmy Trumpet is back with all his energy and shows that his music can go beyond our beloved planet Earth, yes you read well! “Mars” is his new song and according to the beginning of the lyrics, “It’s a fucked-up world we’re living in, so I’m on my way to Mars”, it’s best to go to Mars and maybe escape of all the dilemmas and problems that we have on Earth.

A song with a very… fun sound, something that also shows the personality of Timmy Trumpet, a person full of energy and that transmits positive energies both in his performances and in the songs he produces. Going from a more melodic Trance to Hardstyle sounds, he has been innovating, showing that he can adapt to any style and succeed in those same productions.

After great hits like “Toca“, “Oracle” or “Freaks” the career of the Australian DJ has been incredible, with several major collaborations and also having the opportunity to perform in the biggest festivals in the world. With all this success, we hope for more great hits and that in the near future we can have Timmy Trumpet stepping on the Portuguese stages.

Listen below the new track of Timmy Trumpet:

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