Young talent Aversion is on a roll! Always focusing on quality instead of quantity, he’s back to releases with an absolute banger, through Theracords as usual!

The track kicks off in a somewhat soothing way, with vocals slowly taking prominence. An addicting melody then takes over the airwaves, with the vocals joining shortly after. The mid-intro has nice kick variations, with a crunchy bass down below. The break features the vocals once again, along with the amazing melody, with the vocals assisting a lot with the build up. The climax is pure heaviness, which is just amazing, with some kick rolls keeping it interesting!

It’s interesting to see how well these vocals work here. They sound really pop-like, but were well manipulated to fit this track like a glove, making it quite distinct. We’re left wondering how the artist heard them and thought they’d be good on a track of his – it takes some creativity! What do you think? Let us know through our socials…

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