Today, around 5 pm, Warface sent out a release with a very good summer feeling, something rather unexpected to fans in general.

Control The Soul” is the name of the track with all these summer vibes, even if the summer is not the same as in other years, we try to make the most of what can be done. The first kick contains a very sweaty and anti-climax feel, in that same part we hear Warface’s own magnificent kick twice and so far so good, but in the second is where the unexpected happens.

The vocals start as soon as the mid-intro ends and then the melody kicks in, which gives us this summer feeling. We are quite used to hearing the more aggressive side of Warface, which is the style he is used to producing, but this time he decided to add more melodic elements, and the final result of the track is really surprising, the first part being the only anti-climax part.

Warface’s plans to try to make this year not as bad as expected are working, he promised that the releases would continue throughout the year and that many bangers were on the way, with a fresh new take on the Warface sound, and he was absolutely right, as that’s exactly what we’re seeing!

F*** Covid-19!

One of the Warface releases that we already talked about on our website is this one, and this one. The collab with Rebelion in my opinion is material to the top 10 of best Hard songs. Did you enjoy this one as much as we did?

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