The Belgian DJ and producer Felix De Laet, better known as Lost Frequencies, brings back yet another great theme to liven up your summer in a pandemic time.

Speaking about Lost Frequencies, the theme that comes to mind is undoubtedly “Are You With Me“, the great success of 2014 that was the launching pad for the Belgian DJ that has conquered all stages wherever he goes and he’s been since creating more hits always full of success. The track. was No. 1 in 18 countries reaching millions of views and streams on the most diverse platforms, having also other great hits like “Reality” and “Crazy” This time he brings us another great theme “One More Night” with the beautiful voice of Easton Corbin. This theme is also included in the new Lost Frequencies EP “Cup of Beats“.

A very calm and relaxing theme, ideal for listening during a sunset and with an incredible vibe. With the melody that in certain parts reminds us of the classic “Are You With Me“. Easton Corbin’s voice ends up fitting perfectly and shows all his talent and all the great work he has been doing since he reached Billboard’s “Top New Country Artist” in 2010. He also talks about working with Lost Frequencies and about “Are You With Me“:

“Thinking back to what it was like when Felix released the remix for ‘Are You With Me’ was so interesting. I got to hear my song in a new light and that just proves that great music can transcend genres. ‘Are You With Me’ was able to launch incredible opportunities for Lost Frequencies and myself and getting to be a deeper part of this release now is an honor for me and what I’ve built with my own career.”

Listen below the new track of Lost Frequencies with Easton Corbin:

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