One of Triple Six Records and, therefore, DRS’ golden boys, the German producer/DJ R3T3P has delivered today a tremendous five-pack of heavyweight bombs (M0nst3r EP) that has been teased to his fans for a couple of months, since some of the tracks have already been played in some of his sets, including the live stream that was broadcasted by the man himself about 2 months ago on YouTube.

For those who might not know this Hardcore head and talented producer, you should be aware that despite of his young age, the Uptempo artist has already been in the “industry” for some years, having started by just making FL Studio tutorials for Youtube, essentially about Hard music. The first big achievement would come up in 2018, when he won the “DRS – Never Surrender” Contest and with that got to be part of the DRS Album “Underground Empire“, which lead into being signed by this big name’s label and to today’s announcement, where R3T3P told his followers that he is now part of BKJN Future!

Thanks to this valuable path, today the true devoted fans to the Uptempo Hardcore scene get to hear to an incredible EP, composed of the following tracks:

  1. Break ’em
  2. M0nst3r
  3. My Damn Crew
  4. Wake Up – Collab with Hard Instruction
  5. We Don’t Sleep – Collab with Hatred

In the M0nst3r EP you will find a reasonable amount of diverse kicks, an interesting mix of percussion and melodies, but most of all, despite of having a melody or not, each and every track is overloaded with absurd, powerful energy.

The EP can be purchased at, or simply stream it down here:

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