Today around 6 pm, after a long time without releasing a track, Coone presents us with his new song “Loyalty Is Everything” which is a candidate for one of the best tracks of the year, without discussion.

A track 100% dedicated to fans, to thank for the loyalty they have for the style of music that is Hardstyle, which is a style with very dedicated fans and that has been spreading all over the world little by little and with more people every day joining this movement. Coone is one of the artists that spearheads this Hardstyle takeover in all corners of the world, doing collabs with artists outside of Hard Dance, making Remixes of very famous tracks and bringing harder beats to places like the Tomorrowland mainstage. Coone is an absolute Hardstyle legend, without a doubt, and his name is marked in the electronic music history books and with much merit.

Loyalty Is Everything” is proof that for more years of production that Coone has, his production skill does not go down and, even if he has not been producing for some time, he always drops a release makes up for the time he was “out of sight”. One of the things I personally appreciate about Coone is the fact that he writes his own lyrics, proof that he’s a very talented artist, not only when producing but also on song writing! The melody of the track is something very chilling and the kick is completely different from what we are used to hearing from him, especially in the mid intro, very good indeed. The message in this track is very strong and in times like this we hear with other ears and the message goes through our hearts with a stronger feeling.

Coone has a had good career in Hardstyle, starting from the bottom like any other producer. He is now, as we mentioned earlier, one of the names that made Hardstyle famous, shaping the genre to become something unique and also pleasant to hear. Thanks Coone for all these years helping this style to reach a worldwide scale, you did it! He was first Hardstyle DJ to perform at Tomorrowland’s mainstage and that justifies the status a lot!

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