The Canadian duo, DVBBS, launches yet another theme and show that their sound is completely different from what was initially released by parts of them.

They are one of the pairs that pull the fans the most when they perform live and show all their energy on the big stages, we are talking about the DVBBS that present their latest theme “Swim” with the collaboration of Sondr and with the voice of Keelan Donovan. A theme that fits perfectly in the time we live in, summer, despite the whole pandemic, but with an incredible vibe where you realize that house is something that is present in this theme.

The truth is that over the years DVBBS have changed their style with regards to sound, starting with the great theme that made them known to the world: “Tsunami“. Nowadays, with this new theme “Swim” we see that there was a big change here with the new theme being something calmer and not as “aggressive” as in the past and also as their shows. However, it is in this sound that they’re putting their bets on, and with time they’ve slowly started getting more bookings and a solid fan base with it.

Listen below the new single of DVBBS:

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