Legendary producer KELTEK is bringing his already renowned vibes with his latest release, a spine tingling work of art that will leave all orange hearts in awe!

The track kicks off with a strong female vocal and a wolf howling in the background, setting the atmosphere for the whole track. Then an arabic-like melody kicks in, before we proceed to a section where the lead melody kicks in, with the typical KELTEK style. The following section serves as a build up, guided by the vocals. The track then climaxes with immense energy. This is really one of those tracks that can get the dancefloor going, with an addicting melody, a heavy kick and bass combo, and full on energy. The break is accompanied by some interesting elements such as one in the background that’s similar to a clock ticking. The second climax is similar to the first one, but that’s not tiring or repetitive at all – it further accentuates the euphoria that the song brings.

In these troubled times, it is really tracks like these that bring joy to our souls and hope that we will soon be back partying. Amazing effort by KELTEK!

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