Spoontechnician Vyral ventures into the unknown with his latest release! He’s one of the representatives of one of the toughest labels out there and as usual pleased his fans with an immense banger that will certainly blow your mind, and that will resonate even with people who don’t usually listen to Spoontech material…

Into The Unknown starts with some vocals that give the track its name and some synths that make up for a nice atmosphere. After a short build up, we proceed with the mid intro, a section with a deep, punchy kick. The track windows down, with a breakbeat on this calmer section and a simple melody. The lead then kicks in, increasing the track’s momentum. The vocals take the front row for a bit before we get to the build up that escalates the track, but doesn’t really prepare the listener for the intense climax with deep kicks, orquestral like vocals in the background and the melody that carries us through the whole thing, with a kick variation towards the end of this section. The outro section is somewhat psy-inspired, at least in what concerns the kick, which didn’t please me as much, but was great, nevertheless!

Quite a nice composition from this talented artist! The track has somewhat of a spatial feel, like we’re diving into the immenseness of space, with it being assisted by the track’s own artwork. Nice job!

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