Marking My Way’s third release is Dawnfire, with Be Alright! This label is getting lots of attention and press for its mysterious posts, and they’ve so far proved that the attention was worth it, as every single release thus far was quite good – they’ve released D-Sturb, Sogma & E-Life with Hold On, along with Heavy by The Machine.

The track begins with some funky vocals right off the gate, which have an interesting “chopping”-like effect just before the mid intro, which sports a punchy, deep kick, with a bass that’s just distorted ever so slightly. There’s an interesting kick variation here, with it going slightly higher pitched, with more distortion, and with it pitching lower as we go, and yet another destructive kick just before the mid intro ends. The break is rather soothing, with some nice plucks filling up the atmosphere. The track slowly raises in intensity, until the lead melody takes over the airwaves. The track quickly climaxes into an unexpected bouncy kick, accompanied by vocals. The second climax is heavier, transmitting more energy, and will certainly work well in any dancefloor. The melody is simple but catchy!

Dawnfire managed to create a very nice summer tune here that everyone will certainly enjoy during these hot days. The message it conveys also suits these troubled times perfectly – we just wish everything stays alright. The tribal-like vocals are also a very interesting addition, something we don’t see too often… Play it loud!

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