As promised to their fans, Chaos Project and Griever launched their brand new track “Fear“, featuring a fantastic sequence of kicks.

Speaking directly of the track, I personally really like the anti-climax in the Hardcore scene because the sequence of kicks is always very interesting due to the producers never using only one kick for an entire track, which makes Hardcore quite unique in this respect, for anyone who starts listening will notice this and will certainly find it quite regularly on tracks from the gente.

In this specific track, we see Hardcore in its natural habitat, that proves to be an aggressive style as the name refers, and for those looking for the dark side of sub-genres, this is one of the tracks indicated for this. The vocals are quite scary and combine immensely well with the essence for the purpose that the song was created, perfect collab!

My most favorite personal details of the track is the drop after 50 seconds (in the video) I was not expecting such a good kick to appear out of nowhere and that soon made me quite a fan of this production. Another very interesting detail was in the 3:10 minute when the track with a drop climax and out of nowhere makes another build up for a completely different kick, to be praised!

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