Dance music legend Paul Oakenfold has joined forces with none other than Luis Fonsi for a seemingly unlikely collab that actually works.

Any dance music fan should know the name Paul Oakenfold. Nicknamed Godfather of Electronic Music, the british DJ/Producer is a legend of the game, a revolutionary persona that has been around for almost 40 years. Among his endless list of accomplishments are two DJ Mag nº1 DJ awards (1998, 1999), three studio albums, countless alias, several labels and over 100 remixes for artists like U2, Madonna, Britney Spears, The Rolling Stones and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few.

A true icon of the music industry, Paul is a shape-shifter, and has always adapted perfectly to new types of sound and new genres that emerge as years ago by: from breakbeat and big beat to dance beat, techno, house and acid, Paul has done it all. However, Always an innovator at heart, Paul is constantly looking for new excuses to venture on to different sounds, and this time he has done so with latin superstar Luis Fonsi, author of songs like Échame La Culpa, Imposible and everyone’s favorite love/hate track, Despacito.

Entitled The World Can Wait, the track starts out with pleasant guitar chords and romantic/inspirational vocals from Fonsi, processed in a sea of reverb. The latin inspiration is apparent around the 25s mark, continuing on to the main chorus in a vibe-y summer anthem that has “comercial radio hit” written all over it.

Check it out in the link below.

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