A generation’s defining song, One touched the hearts of many upon release and still manages to do so a decade after its launch.

It’s crazy to think how fast-paced the dance music scene grew in a decade. Like we mentioned in our Leave The World Behind celebratory article, things were very much different 10 short years ago: although the dance music scene had been around for a couple of decades at that point, its latest iteration was still in an embrionary phase, one that has only now reached its “teenager years”. The industry needed a halo track, one (pun intended) that carried such feelings, such raw emotion and energy that transcended space and time. The scene got exactly that when One was released.

One was among the first tracks that Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello released under the Swedish House Mafia name, having previously released Leave the World Behind feat Laidback Luke under their individual names. The instrumental version came out in April 2010, but arguably the most popular, that featured vocals by Pharrell Williams, was released on July 13th (oficial Youtube video date of upload).

The track coupled incredibly well with the vocals, marrying together massive synths with the tried and tested progressive house sound that SHM had been abiding to. Featuring a painfully simple lead and melody, it stuck in the ears of both old and new fans, trapped by a main chorus riddled with organic percussion and the now iconic sparkly claps. The official vídeo was a magnum opus in its own right, racking up 100 million views, coupled with the 200 million Spotify streams divided between the extended mix and the radio edit.

One will forever remain a fan favorite, a song so beloved and so far ahead of its time that you might find yourself humming along in the shower or while driving. Relive the track in the link below:

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