Two great artists joined together for a huge collaboration, presenting fans with an amazing hit.

Martin Garrix’s label, STMPD RCRDS, has presented the audience with new songs and artists that have promising careers in the world of electronic music and beyond, in this case we are talking about Blinders and Cesqeaux who are bringing us “Go Back (To The Oldschool)“, a very good theme and that counts with the sound of each of these artists.

We can see that in this song there are 2 distinct parts and it is perfectly possible to understand where Cesqeaux provided a bit more of his style, we can hear a bit of his distinctive production elements. In the first part of the song we can also hear elements that are distinctively from Blinders, as he’s shown us in previous works, such as “Right Behind“. Cesqeaux remains faithful to what he has produced thus far and continues with his good career, having achieved more and more success. Blinders, on the other hand, has been the “handsome boy” of the STMPD, already having several releases and collaborations with Martin Garrix, which were very successful and helped to give the recognition that he needed to get to another level. It remains to be seen if we can expect something else in the future from this amazing combination!

Listen below the new track of Blinders and Cesqeaux :

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