Today at midnight, Nightbreed came out with a notification saying that Bass Chaserz has released another new track, and what a track!

Supernova” is the name of it and contains a beautiful melody, but I would like to reinforce the vocals on this track. They combine very well with the overall mood and everything seems to have been built around it – the screech, kick and melody combine immensely well with them and a lot of respect to Bass Chaserz for making such a work of art, I am completely surrendered to this track. Another part of the track that I personally liked a lot was when the melody increased its tone in the second part, but with the same musical notes, it is something that fascinates me immensely, if the melody is already good by itself, when changing the tone, it provided an interesting variation to it!

In the past Bass Chaserz were 2 but eventually the act became only 1, but the quality remains the same or better, because many times when a duo separates, the quality is usually not the same and there are examples of this, but Bass Chaserz proved it wrong and showed that has a lot of quality to show.

Speaking a little more about him, there have been a lot of tracks released by him and here are some recommendations we’d like to make if you don’t know this artist:

It has been a while since he joined Nightbreed Records and it is one of the labels that demand a lot of respect from the fans because it is one that’s already immense for the scene as a whole, due to the artists that release there, and their radioshows.

Nightbreed, as the name implies, has the purpose of focusing on the darker side of Hardstyle, on its Raw side, and if you listen to more tracks from Nightbreed Records you will understand what I mean, but I leave that to you if you’re curious, check out their playlist to know what they’re all about!

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