Dirty Workz is already well known to be a relentless force in what concerns quantity (and quality) of releases, and they’re starting to be a major player in newcomer “hires” in the Hardstyle scene as well! They took it to their socials to announce a new member of their crew…

Their newest member is one making the upgrade from Dirty Workz’s copyright free section over to the “fully fledged” label, so to speak, and is a Chilean talent named Horyzon. With less than a handful of releaes, he’s certainly an almost unknown name in the scene, however his releases show that he is likely to have a good shot at the highlights.

Hyperspace was one of his latest releases, one that left us quite impressed with the quality overall, the great melody, and the space theme that was well represented with various elements in the track, including the vocals, and the plucks in the break. He will now have a bigger, more visible platform where he will be able to showcase his evolution and his unique take on hardstyle with Trance influences.

We hope the best for this artist and will surely keep an eye on him!

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