Almost one month after the release of BR001, well known as Erly Tepshi’s EP ‘Romance, Black Rose Rec released BR002, the first EP from Alberth on the label, called ‘Open Sky’.

Alberth is a twenty-four year old DJ and producer from a small city in the centre of Italy. Despite being young, he already has very good releases such as ‘Image’, ‘Dark Matter’, ‘Ex Life’, ‘Focus’ and many more that have the support from the biggest artists in the scene, including Tale Of Us.

Now, after many months of waiting, ‘Open Sky’ was finally released on Ciro Acciarino, Erly and Alberth‘s label Black Rose. It’s a brilliant two-track EP and one of them has a special presence of the Eleonora, that’s right, the women with a very beautiful voice who also produced the amazing track ‘With You Here’.

This time, Alberth and her performed the track that gives the name to the EP itself, a beautiful and powerful melodic techno track with beautiful vocals that fit perfectly on the track. Followed by ‘Open Sky’ we also have ‘Deybreak’, a deeper and darker track that fits perfectly in almost every single mood.

In a way to promote the EP, the label itself released an interview to Alberth where he talks about it and the impact that Covid-19 had in the scene. I truly recommend you listen ‘Open Sky’ first and then watch the interview. The Black Rose crew and Alberth alongside Eleanora did an amazing job with this release and we can’t wait to listen the next ones from this upcoming label.

You can listen ‘Open Sky’ here!

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