D-Charged recently released another spontaneous track with John Harris, named “Remedy“.

D-Charged is one of the most underrated producers I have ever come across because I perfectly remember hearing his tracks on repeat when I discovered him and I strongly advise all Hardstyle fans to listen to these tracks:

As you can see, the melody of this producer is quite unique and the kicks are very smooth, pure euphoric kicks that combined are immensely good, and this is what makes D-Charged underrated. His productions are fantastic and the plays do not match the quality that he has, he deserves more numbers.

Scantraxx has been his home almost pretty much since he started releasing. This very respected imprint once again did not fail to recruit a young and talented producer right from the beginning, and as you could hear from these tracks it is just the beginning of a long career for this young man, and the main stages are waiting for him!

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