Latest release hitting the airwaves from one of the Heart For Hard representatives, Udex, is named Darkest Days, but it’s an absolute banger that will definitely cheer you up in these days!

The track kicks of with some plucks in the background going back and forth and some strong female vocals. We are immediately led through a a punchy mid intro with an amazing distorted bass down below, and a few screeches up top. The break returns to the vocal part, with the lead melody slowly rising, and eventually taking up the airwaves. The build up prepares the listener for the intensity of the climax, and just before it there’s a “fake-drop”. Once it its, all hell breaks loose! Immense energy throughout the whole climax, with the melody accompanying us through it continuously. Between the following climax there’s a short break that gives for some time to breathe and then the melody variation afterwards is, for sure, the most interesting element. The outro does a good job in winding everything down in a melodic way.

This amazing artist already has his own distinctive style and this track is one that truly represents what we love most about it – roughness and melody in equal measure! A track with very sentimental and melodic elements coupled with punchy kicks and a crispy bass!

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