Almost three months after Emiliano Di Clemente and Simone Mancin, who are better known as Synasthesie, gave us an interview, the Italian duo is now back with a brand new concept called ‘Sinestetica’.

Sinestetica is our newest experimental project that mixes audio and video, a series of clip in collaboration with director Marco Morelli. Distant from the tireless vibes of club music, Sinestetica explores darker and more estranging sounds. This is the first of a series of video clips, other will follow. There will be no proper subject, we are just going to match the aesthetic of the video with sounds that are a bit different from our classic productions.

We are very excited to see the next clips from the duo with this different concept. No one has ever done something similar to this so the whole scene has high expectations for this, apart, of course, from the releases that are coming from the duo as well!

Reference must be made to Marco Morelli for exploring this concept as well alongside Synasthesie, with the video itself, which is something that we are not used to see very often, especially in the techno scene, and that’s what it makes this concept revolutionary.

You can watch the full clip on their YouTube channel here!

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