Malaa is the king of mystery and we might never know who he really is, but one thing we know: he is Malaa. He just brought out his latest release Don’t Talk and this one’s a banger.

Even though there’s the rumor Malaa is actually Sebastien Bennett, there’s no official confirmation on who this guy really is, but you can easily recognize his sound miles away.

He gave birth to his unique sound from scratch and he made his way into being one of bass house’s pioneers. He’s made his way to the top and he went from being a SoundCloud self release producer to being one of the biggest headliners in every festival or event he plays.

This new track shows off the evolution of his sound over the past few years, and it also marks the beginning of a new compilation of Malaa’s well known Illegal Mixtape – Volume 3 is coming your way!

Don’t Talk is the perfect track to play out or to dance to as this one will definitely make any dancefloor shake. With some powerful basslines, joined by a jaw dropping energy throughout the whole track, the face covered DJ’s latest release is a true club hit.

You can now listen to this one everywhere, so make sure you do and let us know what you think about it!

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