Dutch DJ/Producer DJ Thera is repping those hard trance vibes once again, revamping another track in the process.

Not even coronavirus can stop DJ Thera. The dutch native has been putting out new material non-stop, releasing massive amounts of music to entertain his loyal fanbase, always with the same stellar quality one has come to expect from him. The hard beats wizard has released not one, not two, but THREE massive compilations: one highlighting the 2008-2014 period of his career with his Hardertrance productions, the second one being the entire catalog of Therabyte and lastly, Pieter released a package with 26 T.C.C. tracks, all of them at a shockingly low price.

He dug up his hard trance sound for Acid is Alright – received to very positive review, and more recently, Thera went back to euphoric anthems with Better Now, a chilling effort with huge melodies and striking vocals. Pieter also remixed Alice in Wonderland, and he now comes to us with yet another one, this time from DOOd’s Infinity Climb.

It starts out with ghostly female vocals, quickly ramped up to those juicy DJ Thera kicks which keep the intro going until the 50s mark. After that, one is treated with a unique atmosphere featuring reverb-filled pads, gigantic saws and chirpy plucks, all combined for a memorable drop, whose only fault is the short time it lasts.

Check out Thera’s take of Infinity Climb below!

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