Yesterday around 6 pm Scantraxx released a video of a mini-documentary in which Rebelion talked about what it is to be a Rebel and what motivated them to be like so.

In my opinion, Rebelion have always maintained a stable production line throughout their lives, releasing albums and solo tracks that always contained great quality. That is why today it is justified for them to perform on main stages, to be the creators of several anthems and to have the fame that they have in the world of Hardstyle.

If we compare the old tracks with those of now, we realize that despite “the new technologies” at our disposal and the fact that things have had a great leap forward, they have always managed to make their production style unique. We just need to hear a melody or a kick of theirs and we immediately recognize that they are from Rebelion and that even when adapting to the quality that exists in the world of Hardstyle, they never radically changed their level of production, as I mentioned earlier, they created a “line” that is stable enough and for which they’re recognizable.

This was one of the best albums I’ve ever heard in terms of Raw / Xtra Raw, “Uprising“!

And of course, one of the biggest highlights of Rebelion’s, “Empire“!

We’ll also leave here anthems made by them!

It’s good isn’t it? This Scottish duo is indeed amongst the best Hardstyle has. All recognition is justified and Wide Future thanks the tracks produced and we will always keep an eye on their releases, and we sure hope to see an album in the future!

Not forgetting that on the 25th there will be another track that is considered by many to follow up on “The Edge“, “Never Back Down“. Stay tuned!

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