The experienced DJ and Spanish producer Julio Navas releases his latest song in a different but very good record and also with two remixes.

It is from our neighbor country that fresh news arrive in these hot days, Julio Navas presents his latest theme “The Right Way” and brings with him 2 more artists who have the privilege of making a remix for his new song. A theme with an incredible vibe, ideal for listening to a good sunset with an incredible view. A very melodic theme and with different variations giving the listener the chance to choose which part of the music they like best.

And Julio Navas decides to bring not 1, but 2 surprises, bringing with him Fernando Lagreca and Freddy Hz to make 2 incredible remixes of this theme. Starting with Fernando Lagreca he ends up creating a very “underground” remix, also passing through more accentuated melodies, which even give some mystery to the music.

Freddy Hz, from Nicaragua, shows that talent is universal and also shows that it is possible to go through very different sounds by applying a “deep house” style that fits perfectly. Both wanted to leave the original melody as is while giving their own take in order to create something different, leaving the essence and adding bit of their talent to the remixes.

Listen below the new track of Julio Navas:

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