9 months ago Atmozfears posted a video on YouTube that would start the series “We fix your projects” with Demi Kanon that, right from the title, showcases their goal, which is to help you finish your track completely and provide feedback on it, among other things.

All this is sometimes recorded live except for the first episode that was pre-recorded. It’s quite interesting to see on Twitch because producers of all styles can learn new things there, and are not afraid to talk to either Demi Kanon or Atmozfears because they also do a lot of funny things to lighten up the atmosphere.

The world of music production demands a lot of respect to music, people, opinions and criticism, it is completely normal for many producers to ask for help from other producers and this project is capable of being the most interesting that we can see around because we are talking about 2 big names in Hardstyle, especially Atmozfears, who is already well established, and has a lot of history in the scene, this without wishing to belittle other producers who are doing their part in helping others.

It is immensely funny because the fans have a connection to these DJ’s and who doesn’t like having this connection? Just the fact that we have the opportunity to speak with them directly has made us completely blessed, we are a united community and that is totally what defines us, unity!

This project has a long history but we still don’t have enough episodes of it, we will probably have more soon because of the quarantine, but we have a lot of tracks improved by these 2 producers already, and if you want to see which tracks they worked on, watch these videos:

Maybe one day it will be your turn to send the project to them and your track will get better!

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