Bass House Music has evolved into its own new world and Matroda‘s latest EP proves it. Jack The House is the perfect EP to get you hyped for any dancefloor.

If you’re not familiar with this name by now, you will be after hearing this EP. Matroda has been in the front line of the ‘Bass House Music’ scene for a while now and the Croatian producer might just be getting started.

He started his career as a dubstep producer back in 2013, you can still listen to those gems in his Spotify account, but he evolved his sound into his brand and the dark house he’s been releasing is making quite an impact in the dance industry and after releasing his remix for California from SNBRN alongside Chris Lake, he just won’t stop.

Well, the EP he just released has a little bit of everything. Melodies, basslines, and catchy vocals. The 5 track EP features 4 previously released ones and a final one that will take you right back to 2016. It is the remake/remix for a track of his own. In fact, Pictures, Jack The House, The Movement and D.A.N.C.I.N.G were all released earlier this year and Deep Inside 2020 is (as the name implies) the 2020 version of Matroda’s classic Deep Inside released back in 2016. You can easily hear the progress he’s made in the past five years as a producer and how he was able to recreate the track by giving it a fresh twist.

You can now listen to this EP anywhere, so make sure you do and let us know what you think about it!

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