One of the biggest or perhaps even the biggest name in the portuguese electronic music scene, Kura, is preparing to teach everything he knows about music production to 30 fans.

In a year that is too calm and “abnormal” for those who make a career in the music business, it is not surprising that their free time is dedicated to studio work, not only for their own productions but also for masterclasses. Kura, a strong name of the Big Room scene, with recent ventures through the Bass House genre, will give a little help to those who aspire to put their ideas into music. This is not new for the Portuguese producer, as he has done it several times in his studio and in electronic music conferences like ADE.

The DJ will be giving a private digital masterclass on June 25 (Thursday), on the Twitch platform. It will last between three to four hours and will serve to deepen technical knowledge on the topic. The single to be covered in this class will be “Gunz In My House“, Kura‘s first single in 2020 that was released on Spinnin ‘Records.

Registrations are open and there are still some free places to register, according to the latest stories posted on Kura‘s Instagram. They can be made through the email, which is the contact that can also be used to obtain more information. It costs €50 and includes a sample pack and demo reviews.

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