Two months after the release of ‘Unity‘, a compilation to support the Coronavirus relief fund of Lombardia, Tale Of Us now released ‘Be As One‘, a track to help charities working against racism worldwide.

After a lot of recent episodes of racism around the world, especially in the USA, many artists came together as one on 2nd June to stop all the social media in order to protest against racism and more exactly about the George Floyd case. Since then, many companies like SoundCloud, Beatport and Resident Advisor tried to earn money to help charities against racism worldwide and to promote their websites with strong messages in order to help fight racism worldwide.

Tale Of Us always tried to promote equality everywhere, with a lot of campaigns around the world. In 2015 they embarked on a tour in South Africa with non-profit organisation Bridges for Music to help raise money for a music school to be built in the township of Langa Cape Town.

And well, that’s basically the message behind ‘Be As One’, it shows the idea that they have been promoting almost since the beginning of the duo itself, for all the people around to world to come together as one, in a way that everyone can be united with music and no one should judge you by how you look and who you are. Like it says on the lyrics from the video above “There is so much ignorance and so much racism that exists in the world. I just wish that people could accept each other for what they are on the inside, instead of judging each other by the way they look on the outside

As the last topic I would also like to mention that racism has always been present in our society for dozens of years, but now we are more capable to change that than the previous generations due to many reasons, and one of them is that nowadays, music can bring people from all walks of life together.

Be as One’ can be purchased here with the cost of only 1 euro.

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