We won’t ever deny our home country and we will always support national artists. Play just proved the potential Portugal will continue to showcase with his latest release under Ensis Records.

That’s right, the Azores based DJ and producer Play has made quite an investment in his own production skills and the results are completely outstanding. Being the son of a musician, he was soon introduced to the dance music world and kept on evolving over the past few years.

Well, he’s now collecting the fruits of his effort tree and after having his track Drop It featured in Ensis Talent Discovery, Vol.3 (which you can read about in a previous article, he came back to the label, with a single release.

Fears starts off with a calm break down, where we can hear the lyrics say ‘Leave Your Fears Behind’, joined by a beautiful background melody, but it quickly evolves into something groovier than you’d expect. With an energy rising buildup, the drop blows up in your face and will make your head nod up and down and side to side. With one intense bassline, the unique sounds make this one his biggest pieces so far.

Let’s hope that this guy continues on bringing out the best he has and hopefully make some heads bounce and people dance on some major dancefloors.

Make sure you go listen to this brand new track and let us know what you think about it!

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