Madd Rod explores new dimensions of his sound and delivers a glorious four-tracker EP named No One’s Fault via the new Lisbon-based imprint VIAGE.

Real name Rodrigo Pinheiro, the portuguese artist is one of the most promising acts in the Portuguese techno world, slaying it on every stage he steps onto. A label owner and innovator, his sound can be described best as a wonderful melting pot of melodic progressions, heavy drums and the all-mighty Groove of House Music.

In this EP, Madd Rod presents three new originals: No One’s Fault (ft. Rossi), Melocity and Defiance (which also comes remixed by Deep:art). On the first track, Rod explores Rossi‘s deep vocals on a dark and industrial composition, marked by the occasional bubbliness of his sound. Melocity presents for a more progressive sound, aligned with his previous release, a free download entitled Synesthesia (also released on his current home of VIAGE). To round it up, Defiance showcases Madd Rod’s melodic and ethereal journey with resonant organs and dreamy arps, resulting in a 12-minute magnum opus capable of inducing tremors on one’s soul. The Deep:art remix comes as a darker and more club-oriented version of it, giving a fresh and creative twist to it.

The EP is out now on Beatport, Spotify and Apple Music and will be available on all other major platforms on July 24th. Check it out in the link down below!

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