Almost a year later, this long-waited remix is finally out at Be Free Recordings! That’s right, it’s the Stjepanek remix of Eleonora’s track ‘With You Here’!

The original track was released about 3 years ago by Eleonora and, for those who don’t know her yet, let me tell you that she has one of the most beautiful voices, it’s very calm and deep, that’s why it fits perfectly on melodic techno tracks, and not only this new Stjepanek remix but also in another tracks like Alberth’s ‘Dark Matter’ and EarthLife’s ‘To You’ .

Regarding the remix, it’s an amazing melodic techno track, with deep tunes into it as well alongside with the stunning vocals that make the track just perfect. Stjepanek has accomplished such a great work with this new release, that his track had already been played by some huge artist in the scene like the duo Tale Of Us, the Mexican duo Oostil, Brina Knauss, Olivier Weiter, Enos and many more, which proves that the track is really the perfect one to perform on stage at the end of a set!

But don’t get me wrong, this track can fit in many kinds of moods, although I recommend you listen to it while driving at night or just watching the stars, trust me, it really hits different in those situations and it will definitely remind you of someone really special.

The Stjepanek remix of ‘With You Here‘ can be purchased here.

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