Today, around 4 pm, Crypsis announced on social media that he would join an organization called Dutch DJ World in order to take DJ’s to another level.

It is already well known that in the Netherlands there are several organizations and more to help new producers move up the career ladder, and even DJs, with the aim of encouraging them, giving lessons and more.

For DJ’s looking to move up the ladder, the Netherlands is the perfect country because they’re a huge export of dance music talents, and there are many professionals there interested in climbing from the smallest to the biggest stages, but of course everything requires effort, work and dedication.

It is curious to see Crypsis in this type of events and we find them ideal for this type of classes because many know Crypsis as one of the most skilled producers in the Hardstyle community for the way he builds his tracks, and as one of the best DJ’s, he knows his CDJ’s really well! It’s been a good few years since this legend is part of this style of music and he certainly marked a great phase early on with the album “Statement of Intent“, which has been chosen by many as the best Early Hardstyle album ever heard, and I personally I agree with the choice.

Crypsis still has a lot of tracks to be released and he announced some time ago that he was working on an album, and with the quarantine he certainly had time to finish it because we, his fans, are very impatient to hear the beauties that this legend has to give us, once again. Here is a preview of what’s coming!

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