Latest track hitting the airwaves is yet another amazing one by Jay Reeve, one of the biggest upcoming talents in the scene. The Nearest Star is a tribute to an artist that’s been absent from the scene for a while and that was just as promising as Jay Reeve himself back when he was active: Cyber!

The track kicks off with a soothing atmosphere and a vocal sample that has a spatial theme and that gives the track its title. A very cheerful melody then suddenly fills the speakers. It is simple, but addicting! The melody leads us to the build up that gets the listener hyped for the amazing climax and we get the vocal sample just before the track drops. The climax is rather energetic and emphasizes on the epic melody, without neglecting the kick and bass. The kick is punchy enough for a track with these vibes and the bass down below complements all the other elements well. The break gives just enough time for you to catch your breath, contributing to the overall vibe of the track. The second climax has a very interesting melody variation that keeps the listener holding on to his headphones and asking for more.

It seems Jay Reeve is on a roll lately! We were very impressed with his A Higher State performance last year at Defqon.1, and his productions prove he’s definitely one to keep an eye on. After being supported by big names such as Headhunterz and Wildstylez and hitting the 1 million streams mark with One In A Million, huge success with The Blackbird, and with rumors of joining Art of Creation floating around the internet, it seems there’s no stopping him!

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