As promised, it wouldn’t be long until the first release over at the new sub label Scantraxx Carbon hit the streets, with it focusing on a harder sound, and that’s precisely what Imperatorz brought to this very first release

The track kicks off with tribal like drums and vocals regarding being predator and prey, giving name to this track. The mid-intro is punchy with loads of kick rolls! The break continues with the aggressive mood and the amazing vocals, leading way to a simple but catchy melody and then a breakbeat section that provides an interesting change of pace. The build up ends in a “fake drop” with some insane screeches that continue throughout the climax. This first climax is full on absolute power, focusing on the intense kick and bass. Shortly after we have a short break and the second climax is a bit more melodic, without putting aside the roughness of the distorted bass down below and the slightly high pitched kicks.

A great start to this new imprint, this one’s a track that you will want to play loud, and that will definitely benefit from a big sound system when we can party again in festivals. Not only that, but we do believe Imperatorz is one of the greater talents that’s out there, so we’re certainly keeping track of what he brings to the table at each release, and we think you should as well!

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