This year is a nightmare for all the festivals and other big events that wanted to make 2020 a year with incredible editions and amazing line-ups but, thanks to this virus, and as requested by governments, everything will be canceled but, they are finding a way to return to “normality” but in a very different way.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, in Germany they started with this kind of parties where you buy a ticket to go see several DJ’s but inside your car!

It is a very funny idea because as we can notice in these times, music has been our lifeline to not remember what we are going through as difficult as it may be.

Sub Sonik decided to take the first step and followed the example of Devin Wild and presented his first special edition of “Kings Never Die” and the experience seemed to have gone wonderfully.

Sefa also decided to try what it would be like to play for cars and let’s just say he had a lot of fun. Is this the future for festivals until the vaccine appears?

I leave you here some more funny videos of the DJ’s performing in circumstances like these.

People are taking proper care and even if the profit for the events is not the same, the events decide to take the risk and give the show that we all like that are the festivals, which is something we really miss. We thank all these events and artists for the dedication, and for bringing us events in one way or another, despite the difficult times! They always want to give the best to the public!

There will certainly be many more events like these in the future, and for the fans of classic sounds we also have a suggestion below. Stay tuned for more drive in events!

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