Wonder duo Ecstatic never ceases to marvel us. After their Change The Game album last year, which was really cool, they’ve been stronger than ever, and after amazing releases like The Shadows, they now unleash arabic inspired track Pharaoh.

The vibes here will immediately transport you to Egypt, so get ready for an absolute trip! Right off the gate we’re treated to a piano melody that quickly leads into the mid intro with a punchy, Psy-inspired kick, that sets the pace for what’s to come. There are chopped vocals in the background that fill up the track quite nicely. The break takes you to the sands of Egypt, and you immediately find yourself amongst the pyramids! This leads us to the amazing main melody that has sounds very characteristic of this duo. The build up is rather intense, taking us to a “fake-styled” drop. When the track unleashes it brings its full force – impactful kicks, astonishing bass, as we’ve come to expect from them, and the epic melody. The outro is an interesting assortment of kick variations, with it returning to the Psy Trance influences first, with some slight changes in the higher end of the sound spectrum, then switching to a kick that’s full on focused on aggressiveness!

This is a track with a very interesting theme and composition. In what concerns me personally, I’m usually not a fan of Psy Trance inspired kicks, but they work really, really well here! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this banger as too!

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