Today, around 11 am, the Belgian duo released their fourth track on Dirty Workz and with a special feeling.

In recent times there have been talks of topics that demand a lot from our feelings and we have been angry, anguished and saddened by everything that is going on in the world but nothing better than good tracks to cheer us up in these difficult times.

Aria produced a track with a very powerful melody and very clean kicks, the climax of the track certainly leaves you with a good feeling because the musical notes really reach the point that we love to hear, something smooth and pleasant.

Speaking a little more about Aria, these two producers are from Belgium and their goal is to be able to mark their names at the top Hard Dance festivals, as there is always room for everyone to play and the quality of these two DJ’s must certainly be recognized.

Some tracks have already been released and here are some examples issued on one of the biggest labels in the world of Hardstyle.

Pretty good, isn’t it? If you liked it, make you follow them on social media to not miss any news from these two Belgian stars!

And Dirty Workz, being Dirty Workz, always gives these lesser known DJ’s the opportunity to show their value and if they’ve already released these bangers, we can’t wait for the future!

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