All of us felt it in their own skin – being quarantined has taken a toll on each and everyone of us. However, things are looking brighter as of lately, with many countries slowly starting to get to normal life. We here at Wide Future are going slowly going back to ‘business as usual’, and we’re sure you are as well.

Deconfinement, however, brings its own set of issues. And with parties nowhere to be seen, many are getting desperate and resorting to extreme measures, organizing illegal gatherings and raves, putting themselves and everyone attending at risk. More often than not, drugs are found on these events, which makes matters worse – some substances, such as MDMA are known to be immunosuppressors, making it worse for those infected. This isn’t only happening on our home country Portugal, with many being detained in the process, but also elsewhere, especially in countries that are far worse than us.

This brings us to another Pandora’s box… Which is if bars and nightclubs can reopen. On one hand, some people state it is too early to do so. But the other side of the question is the fact that a reopening with appropriate safety measures could help decrease the occurrence of illegal raves and provide people a safer place in which they can have fun.

However, opening clubs prematurely may lead to them shutting down for good for an even longer period if there’s an outbreak, bringing more uncertainty to this industry. Similar happened in Korea, where clubs were reopened and closed shortly after due to an outbreak. This is proof that these types of venues would have to adapt, which may further increase their financial difficulties, and making one wonder if that would be worth it due to the simple fact that they would probably take a very long time to have numbers of attendance that would put them back in a green balance sheet.

What is your take on all this? Should clubs reopen to help people to party safely, or would that make matters worse?

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