After making his debut for the Triple Six Records Label back in February with the Ignition EP and releasing a massive two-pack EP with the big man of the scene, and as well of this imprint, DRS, named No Way Out, the Dutch Uptempo Hardcore Producer and DJ Irradiate is now, less than one month later, dropping out a new collab with Republic, a DJ duo that is apparently trying to work their production side, being Your Way their first release ever, even though a collab with one of the biggest names in the scene, Andy the Core, has been announced a few months ago in the beginning of 2020.

As it happened in both tracks produced by DRS and Irradiate in their latest EP, Your Way also gives a chill vibe at its beginning, a result that comes from the combination of a soft white noise with a smooth woman’s voice that, shortly after, turn into a Hip Hop inspired beat mixed with some Rap vocals, however, before you know it, the first kick gets in action as fast as this genre has used their fans to.

Your Way offers a considerable range of kicks, that go from a softer hit to their hardest, finishing with their heaviest version, resulting in a hard task for this tune that also manages to combine these distorted kicks with the “euphoric” vibes that seem to be a paradigm in Irradiate’s sounds.

To purchase this new tune you can head to, otherwise just press play down here:

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