Scantraxx took it to social networks to announce a new label under their wing: Scantraxx Carbon.

According to their announcement, this label will host young talents within the heavier edge of Hardstyle, with artists like Imperatorz, Nightcraft or even Deluzion being part of its ranks, with the first two being responsible for the first two releases, in early June. According to the news article on their website, Scantraxx states they’ve had a huge influx of “raw”-focused artists and thus the need for this extra label was born.

While we find interesting that Scantraxx is somehow trying to promote young talents and build a place where they can grow, it strikes as odd that Scantraxx now has so many imprints under its wing. While we do understand the need to somewhat distinguish the wide spectrum of sounds that Hardstyle has become through the years, we’ve seen labels like these rise and fall suddenly in the past, so we hope this isn’t the case with Carbon.

We also wonder exactly what’s the role here when there’s X-Raw and Scantraxx Black already. More often than not, a simple strategy pays off and this seems a bit complex. On the other hand, that’s just our opinion, as we are fans of bringing all sorts of sounds together (it’s all Hardstyle, after all). However, if there are folks who really know how to run a label, it’s Scantraxx, who’ve been here since seemingly forever! So both these labels and their artists should do well. Time will tell!

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