In late March, the renowned Hard Music Records label has launched a remix contest to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The prize is getting a place on the compilation that will celebrate this milestone, and for these remixes, a rather extensive list of tracks were offered! In this case in particular, Louis chose the amazing Escape My Mind from High Level & Paulistos and gave it a twist filled with summer vibes

The track begins with a smooth breakbeat and Mo’s soothing voice. There’s a very melodic feel to it from the get go, but this didn’t stop the mid intro from being punchy enough and having a pleasant screech. The break is quite relaxing and the vocals are well treated. The echoey effect in the “finger snap” effect may sound cheesy for some, but it fills in the gaps well. The track slowly progresses, rising in intensity, with the melody starting to fill up the airwaves. Then the climax drops, making Louis’ take on the original melody shine. There’s a break shortly afterwards that has more or less the same recipe as before, contributing to the overall vibes. The following build up has a few hints of the melody, and when the climax drops again you’ll notice its variation, ending the track with a bang!

This is one of the entries for this amazing contest, one we’ve enjoyed quite a lot. But the competition will surely be fierce, and there can only be one winner… Stay tuned to see who will it be!

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