The number one Frenchcore producer/DJ, Dr. Peacock and one of the most requested names in the scene as well, Billx, have joined forces once again to build a new banger, named Halibo.

After famous releases like Naarayanaa, It’s Called XTC and Power of Mantra, that sum up millions of views on Youtube and plays on audio streaming platforms, it was time to get these two hard heads together in the studio and let magic happen once again.

Halibo was released for Frenchcore Worldwide and it’s clearly a mix of both the french and dutch artists’ styles, given that you will get to hear to what they have made their followers being used to, for instance the classical sounds that Peacock regularly adds to his own tracks and, of course, a mini drop inspired by psy-trance that Billx manages to give it a harder version, which works just fine for his tunes’ groove.

Adding to this, an interesting range of kicks makes this track feel like a story where the beginning is already hard, but the way it ends is an elevator that takes the dance floor to Hell (heaven in the ravers’ dictionary).

If you’re a DJ or just enjoy to download your favorite artists’ tracks, you can purchase it at, otherwise you simply stream it down here:

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