A match made in heaven for big room fans, this isn’t the first time for Sandro Silva & SaberZ, and we’re certain it won’t be the last.

Sandro Silva is having one HELL of a year. He has released 8 tracks (!) so far, and we’re not even halfway through 2020. His very distinct sound with an emphasis on turning everything – from the melodies to the kicks to the percussion – into something absolutely huge attracts legions of fans which have raised him to big room royalty status over the years. Going full steam ahead and leaving behind collabs with 3 Are Legend, Reggio, Graham Bell, Zafrir and W&W (in this year alone) he now teams up with Hungarian duo SaberZ.


Composed of Kristóf Maczeovics & Benedek Makrai, these two friends have been on a steady climb to the top of the scene for over 6 years. First joining forces in 2014, they have their stamp on tracks like Epidemic (especially relevant in today’s world – WASH YOUR HANDS folks!), Take On The World, Starfire and of course, Rhythm of The Night with Maurice West. After joining forces on the mighty Omerta in 2019, Sandro Silva and SaberZ drop another Big Room beast in the form of Russian Roulette.

Armed with a lethal drop, Russian Roulette is another ode to today’s big room scene, featuring all the bells and whistles one has come to expect: from dreamy plucks, massive orchestral chords and gigantic saw synths trembling with euphoric melodies, this Rave Culture release is destined to cause widespread carnage.

Check out Russian Roulette in the link down below!

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