There’s just something special when DJ’s/Producers go acoustic: regardless of the genre, there’s always kicks, and percussion in dance music, so it’s fascinating when all of that is stripped back and one gets the beautiful barebones initial idea. It’s like when you bake cookies, no matter how good they are, the dough is (arguably) always better. Only a select few artists actually have the guts to perform such a feat: Armin Van Buuren, Sick Individuals, Krewella, Kygo, Alan Walker and Avicii are some that spring to mind, and now, Fatum and Jaren can be included in that group as well, with their rendition of Wait For The World.

In January, the American trio composed of Daniel Davis, Bruce Karlsson and Chad Newbold released the original version, joining forces with Jaren for the vocal department. The result was nothing short of superb, with a drop reminiscent of 2014 progressive house, beautifully integrated with chilling piano samples and simple percussion. The only possible way to improve would be an acoustic version, a challenge certainly, but one that if accomplished would render unforgettable results. Fatum made justice to their name, and certainly delivered.

There are just two elements to this track: the vocals and the piano. The vocals are just slightly processed to add more a bit more “hmph”, and are backed up by the gentle sound of the piano, one that always lets Jaren lead the delicate dance that is this acoustic mix. Hit play in the link down below and let yourself get transported to another dimension with Fatum and Jaren’s Wait For The World:

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