Dada Life might be one of the craziest duos in the entire dance music scene and from insane branding to massive festival anthem bangers, they’ve made their way up to the top and their latest single is something as fresh as usual.

That’s right, the guys behind some of the biggest dance music themes like Kick Out The Epic MotherF**ker, Happy Violence, So Young So High, Freaks Have More Fun, Born To Rage and countless many others, are finally back with their latest single: This Time (Never Be Alone Again).

In the times we’re living right now, we don’t actually want to be alone and the one line lyrics of the track bring out that message, we won’t be alone again. These vocals are the perfect fit, as the heavy vibe present throughout the whole track needed this counter weight from the vocals.

The drop features massive basslines, reminding us of some Morten drops, where the dark house meets progressive. A fresh tune to mark the first 2020 record from the guys Dada Life.

It got out under Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings and it is out everyhwere for you to listen to it. Make sure you do it down here and let us know what you think about it!

While you’re at it, make sure you watch the live set these guys posted earlier this week and party with them at their Virtual House Party! A full one hour set, filled with high energy bangers! Do it down here:

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