SOXX’s pursuit of success and perfection is relentless: this Parisian wonderkid expands his talent with this new solo release entitled Palace.

The French DJ/Producer is out to make everyone jealous of what he’s accomplished: label owner, innovator, differentiator, bass house prodigy, and Animal Crossing addict, have been appropriately used to describe the 17-year-old sensation that has wreaked havoc on labels such as Fraudulent Records, Deep Obelisk, Aural Sex, No Face Records, etc, always to positive review and critical acclamation, proving to the scene why SOXX’s talent is limitless.

However, in the case of SOXX and his young age, talent does not come at the price of experience, “au contraire”. SOXX’s maturity increases tenfold with each release, as does his creativity and his horizons, expanding to newer types of music for SOXX to play around in, as was the case of his No Words EP which made SOXX’s Feuille Vierge label the perfect platform to experiment a cozy and relaxing new sound.

Building on what he discovered with No Words, Palace is a track where SOXX is trying to push the boundaries, marrying his tried and tested bass-driven sound with bouncing vocal chops, soulful percussion and a unassuming chord progression, always backed up by a ‘thicc’ and groovy bassline, perfectly fitting any party, rave or sunset.

Palace is out everywhere, check it out in the link down below!

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