Latest collaboration to hit the airwaves is an amazing piece of work by the always great Riot Shift and the very talented Thyron! With Last Word on the mic, they’ve made greatness with MUTILATE!

The track kicks off with a bang and Last Word’s strong voice. In this intro part we also get a melody and a breakbeat inspired part with rap-like vocals. The track quickly ramps up with a heavy hitting kick that we can easily relate to these artists’s styles. This kick varies a lot, adding to the heaviness of the track. In the break, the melody guides us through the track once more, along with the aggressive vocals. The track then suddenly drops, after a quick build up, with lazer inspired kicks that are so characteristic of Riot Shift’s production and that have become popular in the last few months! The kick then varies, with a nice distorted bass down below to close the track in great style!

Hopefully you’ve enjoy this heavy banger from these very talented producers as much as we did! Be sure to add it to your playlists this weekend.

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