PEACE MAKER! is back to NYX, and he’s bringing a responsible message together with FIRST: Isolation is out now on NYX!

If releasing music was an RPG, then PEACE MAKER! would be the perfect character, a power combination of quality perfectly allied with quantity. So far in 2020, PEACE MAKER! – real name Pedro Martelo – has been diffusing his sound and infecting your ears faster than you can say Isolation.

He first featured on IN/Rotation with bouncy collab Don’t Really Care feat Nostalgix, received to very positive criticism. But the best was yet to come: Block Me would hit your ears hard with over 170k+ plays on Spotify, powered by NYX – a home to which PEACE MAKER! would return. It proved to be an instant hit, gathering support from scene giants like Daddy’s Groove, Bingo Players, Firebeatz and Tiesto. All of this managed to boost PEACE MAKER!’s momentum to an all-time high, which he has been carrying since, even through his outing on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn FireSilent Movie.

PEACE MAKER! is not alone in this effort though. Every creative mind needs its match, and FIRST is the perfect one for PEACE MAKER!. A firm believer that music should stand above all else, FIRST’s sound expresses itself flawlessly, with a blend of melodic and nostalgic beats combined with uninhibited bass. And it’s not just FIRST’s music that talks the talk, his numbers also walk the walk: FIRST’s 2019 was incredible, with Velvet Paradise and Whole Again alone gathering 500k+ plays. His unique perspective on music fit in like a glove on PEACE MAKER!’s cracks, combining both styles to make Isolation a certified banger.

With PEACE MAKER!’s creative furnace still hot and burning from his official remix of Jay Dunham’s The Breakout, he surprises his fans with an infectious new collab. Inspired by current COVID-19 events and centered around a catchy robotic vocal, Isolation features a rather spicy main hook led by ravenous distorted horns, juicy kicks and an abundance of groovy percussion, all kept in check by PEACE MAKER!’s trademark rampaging basslines.

Check out PEACE MAKER! & FIRST Isolation down below!

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